A DigiDialogue is a published eBook where the dialogue between the author and the audience becomes part of the final ‘copy’.

The process to develop a DigiDialogue involves two distinct elements. The first is an interactive online representation of an authors work designed to generate an on-line dialogue between the author and the participatory audience. The second element is a published eBook that incorporates the author’s full work as well as the dynamic discourse that was generated online from the author’s exerpts.

You, the ‘audience’ becomes part of the authoring and publishing process.

Introducing Alex Sheremet, the author of this DigiDialogue ... a noted writer and critic with a bent towards cinema.

Sheremet provides one of the broadest perspectives on Woody Allen’s complete body of work as well as discussing the discussion that surrounds it … even delving into the minutia of art criticism itself.

On this site, Sheremet presents book excerpts and dedicated web-site articles on varying aspects of Woody Allen's oevure, each article having it's own 'Comment' box attached to invite the discourse.

Most of the attendant articles are bite sized versions of the full-length Chapters in the upcoming e-book, which covers this (and other) information in much more detail.

So welcome to some more words on Woody Allen … both Sheremet’s and yours … both incendiary and prosaic ... as we try to go from ‘reel’ to ‘real’.


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